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Slip-it® fastener

The Slip-it® fastener is totally unlike other fasteners in that it has no locking mechanism, nor does it need one. The success of the design comes from the realisation that whenever a bra is worn, the main section that goes around the chest is always under tension.

The key features of the Slip-It® fastener are the ease of fastening and unfastening - they are simply slipped together and slipped apart. The Slip-It® fastener allows one handed unfastening even when the fastener is located behind the wearer's back. The Slip-It® lingerie fastener is a truly global product that is going to replace the old fashioned hook & eye bra fasteners the world over.

Having never used CAD myself, Idea Reality helped in converting my flat drawings and specifications into 3D models. The models created gave 'life' to my designs and ideas and helped me to explain the product better to my potential customers. Idea Reality respected the strict confidentiality that was necessary at the time and they were a pleasure to work with
— Nigel Coole