Our Product Design Process

Concept idea design through to developed product

There is no set format when it comes to product development because all invention ideas are different. However it is important to understand the process and stages ahead before you embark on the journey. This will come from discussing the idea with your project design manager. Along with understanding the process and time implications you will also want an idea of costs. As the design has not yet been fully conceived it is impossible to quote exact costs but estimates can be given based on the type of product, size and complexity.

product design process idea reality


In most cases we find that our clients do much of their own research and thinking about possible solutions to the problem they have identified. Quite often they are the most qualified to do this because the idea relates to an industry or situation they are familiar with. However if the solution requires more technical problem solving the Idea Generation stage is where we will begin.


Most projects in fact begin at the concept design stage. This is where the design gets its initial form and function whilst keeping manufacturing methods and costs in mind. This stage can consist of a single concept if the specification is clear or a range of many styles and ideas for maximum innovation. 3 concept ideas is the recommended quantity to allow our designers to present a range of possibilities.


This stage takes the preferred concept idea or combination of features and adds detailed engineering development and refinements to enable prototyping to take place.


The design will most commonly be constructed using 3D printing and other rapid prototyping techniques. This can encompass many materials from plastics and rubbers through to ceramics and metals.


Following on from construction, areas of improvement are identified and the design further refined. Different prototypes may be constructed and manufacturers consulted before deciding the product design is ready for production.


Our designers are skilled in many manufacturing processes and know how to create a design for a high quality and cost effective production outcome. This stage involves communicating the design to the manufacturers using engineering drawings and other specification information such as a bill of materials (BOM) or general assembly details.


Production support is available whether this be connecting you with the right manufacturer or helping you gather a range of comparison production quotes from our network of factories. We can also work with you existing or selected manufacturer. We can then offer assistance during production and post production to ensure any issues are corrected and the product is built to the highest standard.

We can also create bespoke packaging to make you for your product idea stand out and enhance the user experience. If you need help with branding design such as logo’s, graphics and product launch websites just ask us to find out more.

Note: This is a simplified process and your project may require further stages and repetitions in order to achieve the best outcome..