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Pre-sell products raising the necessary capital whilst marketing your brand!

A fundamental problem for entrepreneurs and individuals with invention ideas is how to fund their project. Getting the idea designed, prototyped, engineered as well as the manufacturers tooling costs and other items all add up. Whilst Idea Reality Ltd focuses on keeping these costs low, a complex design or a project requiring research and development could push costs up and beyond self funding levels. Thankfully there is a great solution to this problem through Crowd-Funding! If you want to crowdfund an invention product, keep reading!

“Pre-sell your product raising the required funding capital”

kickstarter crowdfund your product design idea

Crowdfunding allows you to get investment for your project without needing to give away shares or rights to the idea’s intellectual property. The usual format involves pre-selling the finished products and other special items such as limited editions. Not only does this give you the funding you need but also gets your product on to the market immediately upon production completion with an established customer base.

“We can provide campaign material to show investors”

However in order to get ready to crowdfund an invention product you will need to have some meaningful designs and prototypes to show your prospective investors. Idea Reality Ltd specialise in new product concept design and development. This is the process of taking an idea and creating a solution in 3D. Form and function are considered along with manufacturing processes and the product design is displayed in beautiful realistic 3D sales images. We can build your crowd-funding campaign on sites such as and even produce animations or videos to enhance your chances of hitting your funding targets.

Indiegogo product innovation design investment
crowdcube product design funding
crowdfunder invention idea design funding

“Pre-sell your product raising the required funding capital”

Product invention ideas live on kickstarter

Crowdfunding Campaign Videos

Professional video filming and editing for awesome Kickstarter and Indiegogo product campaigns.

A great campaign video is the backbone of any good crowdfunding campaign. Idea Reality regularly help inventors and start-ups launch new product ideas on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We combine our professional filming, slick animations and imagery with skillful video editing to produce great results. All videos start with a script, storyboard and professional voice-over.

Everything you will need for a successful crowdfunding campaign

You can benefit from our experience helping product creators to bring many different products to market via crowdfunding. No matter the type of product or whether its kickstarter or Indiegogo we can offer real help preparing your campaign and advising on strategy.

Campaign Videos & Animations

We have produced countless video highlighting our clients brilliant ideas. These take the form of film, CGI animation and graphics. We will help you to get the best crowdfunding video in front of your audience

Realistic Working Prototypes

No crowdfunding campaign is complete without a prototype to demonstrate the product idea. A well executed prototype is vital for your potential customers to buy into your product idea.

Manufacturing Costs

Our fantastic network of trusted factories and suppliers are on hand to build your product and before you can launch your campaign you will need an accurate understanding of the production costs ahead.

DFM Development Design

Once that funding is secured we are on hand to complete any remaining development and work with your chosen manufacturer to complete all manufacturing preparations.

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Here’s some great reasons to work with us…

  • You retain 100% of your idea including new IP we develop for you.
  • All communication is strictly confidential and free NDA forms provided.
  • You control the pace of your project and the route you take.
  • Personal service with your own experienced design manager to guide you.
  • Our service is low cost to suit start-ups, inventors and small businesses.
  • Benefit from our network of professionals across multiple disciplines.
  • Specialists in crowdfunding and other forms of investment & licencing.
  • Benefit from our years of experience and efficient product design service.
  • Explore the options with a FREE consultation and product idea advice.

Idea Reality provides low cost product design, product development, prototyping and 3D CAD services. We specialise in working with clients within the UK, Europe and all over the world. Offering assistance to individuals, start-ups and established companies, with a product idea requiring development or existing product ranges that need improving.

Our main office is in Andover within Hampshire, UK and we have meeting facilities in central London. With a modern efficient service utilising the benefits of online collaboration you can remain comfortable with the pace and breadth of your project. Our goal is to deliver great product ideas to market.

  • New Product Design and Development
  • 3D CAD Design and Drawing
  • Product Prototyping
  • Sales Visuals and Presentations
  • Manufacture design and support