Brainstorm Session, Patent Search
& Market Research Report Package!

So you have found a brilliant idea of a new product and you are worried to communicate your idea to anybody. We are here to help you form the beginning to the end. Communication with us is strictly confidential and we will provide you with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you decide to submit your idea.

Okay, so what do you get from this offer? The normal price is £1000!

Have your idea reviewed by our team of experienced and professional product designers. A studio session dedicated to your product idea, we will explore options and use the creative process to uncover the potential of your product idea. Using the innovation and creativity of our product design team, we will outline potential new ideas generated form your original concept.

idea to reality product invention prototype

So what does the brainstorming session and report include?

We are thrilled to be able to offer you a brainstorming session where our award winning designers will discuss for at least two hours of brainstorming and creativity the possibilities and potentiality of your idea and pin down exactly what you want to develop. A report will be created for you to take away summarising all the ideas and direction our team have come up with.

Design Expertise

Session with our expert designers to discuss your idea and add innovation. You can be present, but it is not essential and we regularly work with clients around the world. We offer many years of expertise in the design of new products, therefore we can offer you different possibilities derived from your original idea, and potential items for patenting.


We will discuss functionality and potential scope to create something even more unique to help you differentiate in the market. In addition we can identify different options for manufacture, and launch. Giving you an array of alternatives out of our research and expertise.

Design Direction

You will get an extensive brainstorming report that you can take with you. From this report you will have a deeper understanding of your product idea. We will detail and breakdown the findings in a written report with sketches to help you visualize what you want. In this report we will generate extra product ideas based on our expertise. You can then take this report to third parties, or investors that might be interested in your idea.

But that's not all you get!

Based on the patent and research report that we also carry out alongside the brainstorming session we can find a road that you can take based on what we find to date. Making sure you are on the right track and avoiding to infringe existing patents where possible.

A Basic Patent Search

This is a basic patent research carried out by one of our in team designers. In this initial worldwide patent search report you will get an idea of what has already been patented, what can be used in the market and what is already existing. It is an initial overview of existing relevant patents to allow you to make informed decisions. The outcomes of this patent research report can help inform and lead the next design development stages.

Market Research Study

This in-depth report looks at what is out on the market before going into a product design development stage. We analyze the products that are already on the market, their functionality, how do they sell. From here we can make suggestions to help you solve the problems identified. From these suggestions we will bring up a lot more ideas collectively to help you find a real gap in the market where you can try to aim your product.

Client Testimonial

Idea Reality delivered an efficient, professional and helpful service, would highly recommend to develop and progress your idea.


Brainstorm & Patent Search

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Normally £1000

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Sessions are held out at our Hampshire product design studio however it is not essential to be present

Client Testimonial

We worked with the team to quite literally bring our idea to reality. From our first meeting, and right the way through the process, we felt we were in the hands of someone who understood both their business, and what we wanted to achieve. They gave us advice on funding and resources and helped us find a manufacturer. They have gone above and beyond with advice and being available when we needed support and we would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to bring their ideas from a sketch on a piece of paper to an actual product.


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