Everything you need to get your product idea to market from invention idea design to product patents

Invention idea design

Idea Reality is able to help bring your product ideas and concepts to life. We have extensive knowledge and experience to bring your product from idea to manufacture. Idea Reality services include: Idea Development, Initial Concept Design, 3D CAD, Design and Development, Prototyping, Design for Manufacture, Packaging Design, Logo and Graphics design for Marketing and Websites. We can also give advice on patents, designs registrations, copyright and create the drawings suitable for a patent application. We provide a free non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before entering into any discussions so you can feel reassured that your intellectual property (IP) is safe at all times. Help with funding is also available and we can produce visual presentations for sales and investment meetings.

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Inventors Advice

Essential tips for first time inventors or anyone looking to develop an new product design idea. From keeping your idea safe and protected through to the design and prototype process.

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Should I patent my idea?

Patents can be expensive and may not give you adequate protection. This guide may help you decide whether to patent your design or not. There may be better alternative solutions to consider.

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Our Product Design Process

Learn how we can develop your idea from just that, into a valid design concept, prototype design and finally into a fully fledged product ready for manufacture.


CrowdFunding your idea

A great way for individuals and small businesses to fund new product ideas through to manufacture. Pre-sell your product and drum up a strong following at the same time.

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Patents and IP

Understanding the different types of Intellectual Property (IP) and reasons for applying for each. This includes patents and design registrations as well as design right, trademarks and copyright.

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Sales Presentations

We provide you with presentation tools to suit the investment opportunity you seek. Customised designs, stunning visuals & animations to prototypes and detailed drawings.