Crowdfunding your product launch

Build a Campaign

We create kickstarter campaign pages

Idea Reality will create your campaign on sites such as and

We can help you create a compelling initial crowdfund lauch using a combination of beautiful images, videos and written content. We research manufacturing options and obtain production quotes through our manufacturing network so that your sales offereings are attractive and correctly pitched.

Speak to us about your specific product and campaign requirments and we can tailor a crowdfuning build package to suit your needs.

Product Videos & Animation


Clear and efficient communication of your product design

Idea Reality create a range of videos for different types of products and markets. We combine well shot film with digital 3d product animations and graphics to form a visually appealing short product launch movie for use on your website, youtube and your crowdfunding page.

Product Images & Photography

Photos and digital 3d images to make your campaign stand out

Any campaign required a range of still images. These can be 3d CAD visuals or actual product photography but they aim to add key details and backup the sales video to give potential buyers the confidence to purchase.

Examples include "how it works" or "tech specs" style images showing internal electronics, mechanism or material construction.

You may also want to draw attention to key features that add value and differentiate your product from the competition. 

These images can also be use for websites and sales brochures and a form fundamental part of your sales plan.

Production Quotes

Understand the full production costs and sales price

Network of Manufacturers and factories

We gather a range of production quotes for you from our trusted manufacturers and suppliers. This will include assembly and packaging so that you can understand the complete costs and make a decision on the optimat sales price and profit margin for your product.

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