Leaving the brush head discreetly in the toilet bowl, and attaching a handle when needed, the FlushBrush keeps dirty away from clean. Idea Reality have taken the FlushBrush from initial brief through to working prototype ready for launch. The design has been patented.

The most important feature of FlushBrush prototype design is that the head is detachable from the handle. The brush head, which makes direct contact with the toilet bowl, remains inside the toilet, where waste belongs. Each time you routinely flush the toilet, water passes over the silicone head, preventing bacteria buildup.

FlushBrush is an innovation in toilet brush design.

Pull back on the button slider, and the detached handle leaves the toilet, dry and germ free, to be stored in its stand.

No more dirty water in a nasty pot, no more brown bristles, no more storing waste - just a clean, modern tool for the job

The FlushBrush prototype is to be launched at the KBB Expo at the NEC in Birmingham on 4th March 2018. A crowdfunding campaign will be launched shortly after.

Idea Reality can assist clients with their crowdfunding campaigns, sales videos, finding a manufacturer and starting mass production.


March 2, 2018