What does a patent cost?

Check out our patent advice video for how much a patent can cost, why get a patent search, as well as how you can protect your product idea in other ways.

Patent Advice Video:

• What does a patent cost?

• Is is essential to patent my idea?

• What else can you do to protect a product idea?

• Should I still get a patent search even if not patenting?

What is a patent?

A patent is a form of intellectual property (IP). Once granted it protects the unique and inventive way that a product works.

It grants the owner of the patent the sole rights to make and sell the patented product within the county that the patent was granted. 

Before patenting your idea we recommend developing the design and testing a prototype to ensure it works as expected and the patent protects the best design options.

How much does a patent cost?

The cost of a patent can vary depending on the complexity of the product and the territories you apply for protection within. A patent should be written by a patent attorney and as such is a legal document. It is important that the patent application be strong and well written in order to stand up to any contest in court.

A typical simple patent in the UK will cost approx £4000. However there are ways that this cost can be reduced or spread out so speak to us for advice.

Why register a design?

Design registration is much cheaper than patenting and a good alternative in some cases. The difference is that a design resistration protects the appearance, form and shape of a product whereas a patent protects how it works.

Design registrations range from £500 - £1000. They can cover UK only or also Europe. Idea Reality can help with the application and drawings to get your product idea protected.

Other types of intellectual property (IP)

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What other protection is there?

Copyright is a simple automatic protection for your documents and drawings. It is best practice to ensure all sensitive paperwork and imagery has a copyright © symbol displayed along with your name and the year in which it was created.
Trademarks protect names, brands and logos from being copied and can be very important when establishing your brand. Trademarks can be applied for through the Intellectual Property Office.