Patent or register a product design or invention idea

An overview of patents and other forms of Intellectual Property (IP)

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Patents, Design Registrations & Copyright

Types of IP

If you have an idea you may want to consider protecting it in some way from being copied by others. Intellectual Property or IP is the term given to the creative work of an individual or company. This could be a product idea, invention or design. Here you will find an overview of the key types of design protection on how to patent an invention idea.

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Should I Patent an Invention Idea?

Is it worth it?

Clients often think they must patent an invention idea. This is not always the most sensible thing to do… Protecting your idea (intellectual property) is of course very important but patenting can be very expensive.

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Patent Searches

Is you product idea unique? Check with a search.

Having a search carried out and a report of the findings can be very useful at the start of a project. Not only can you find out if your idea has already been patented by someone else but you can identify conflicting ideas or alternative competitor designs. A patent search can give you the confidence to further invest in your product design idea.

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Patent and Registration Drawings

Communicating your design

We work with skilled patent attorneys to ensure your product invention idea is communicated effectively within a patent application. We provide professional patent and design registration drawings and illustrations. Whether you have an existing design you wish to draw up or simply an idea on paper we can put all the information together to get your idea protected.

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Patent and Registration Drawings

How long and How much?

Our patent attorneys will tailor your application to ensure best value and protection. Following the initial application there can be examinations and objections to satisfy before the patent can be granted. The process normally takes around 4 years from application to granted patent however as soon as the application is submitted you can use the patent pending status. Patent fees are payable at different times over the 4 years with the initial applications starting from approx £1250 depending upon complexity. Costs over 4 years are on average £4000 for simple patent applications.