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Our legal partners will perform a professional worldwide patent search around your idea. This will help to find any similar ideas that have been patented so we can understand where the idea stands and how to move forward with a patent application.

Also know as a 'Prior Art Search', patent searches are the first step towards a patent application. For many inventions, it is wise to search for prior relevant patents. Searches can help to check that the invention is patentable and/or that its production will not infringe another patent.

Idea Reality partners with a specialist product and inventions patent team to bring you excellent low cost IP advice, patent searches and patent application both UK and worldwide.

We are able to offer you a fantastic price of £350+vat for our worldwide prior art patent search. Just get in touch to arrange this deal.

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  • You retain 100% of your idea including new IP we develop for you.
  • All communication is strictly confidential and free NDA forms provided.
  • You control the pace of your project and the route you take.
  • Personal service with your own experienced design manager to guide you.
  • Our service is low cost to suit start-ups, inventors and small businesses.
  • Benefit from our network of professionals across multiple disciplines.
  • Specialists in crowdfunding and other forms of investment & licencing.
  • Benefit from our years of experience and efficient product design service.
  • Explore the options with a FREE consultation and product idea advice.

Idea Reality provides low cost product design, product development, prototyping and 3D CAD services. We specialise in working with clients within the UK, Europe and all over the world. Offering assistance to individuals, start-ups and established companies, with a product idea requiring development or existing product ranges that need improving.

Our main office is in Andover within Hampshire, UK and we have meeting facilities in central London. With a modern efficient service utilising the benefits of online collaboration you can remain comfortable with the pace and breadth of your project. Our goal is to deliver great product ideas to market.

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