Product Prototypes and Design Testing

Prototype Construction

Building your product prototype

From tiny medical implants to large metal structures our team of design experts, together with the support of our extensive network manufacturers, are here to bring your prototype design and intention ideas successfully to market.


We offer cutting edge 3D printing and rapid prototyping services for rough mock-ups of concept designs all the way to final presentation prototypes, as well as prototypes for user testing and market research. 


In addition, our experienced team also possess the capabilities and capacity to create prototypes for use in sales & marketing; producing market-ready prototypes for advertising, printed promotional material, and your website.

Prototype Testing

Prototype design testing

Prototypes allow for design testing and evaluation; identifying and therefore eliminating potential problems before mass manufacture. Prototyping highlights any challenges with the initial design, associated mechanisms or electronics, functionality and manufacturing process.

It can sometimes be an iterative process to perfect a series of protototype designs until it works as intended and is ready for production.

Prototyping therefore enables you to get your invention on the market as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible and avoid mistakes or bad reviews.

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