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Our product design and development agency studio is located in the heart of Hampshire, UK. We have a team of experts in product design and development, who have years of experience and are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and established businesses bring their innovative invention ideas to reality.



Founder and Design Director

James is the founder and design director at the Hampshire based product design and development agency Idea Reality, and has been designing innovative new products professionally for over 13 years. He has created products for large corporate businesses as well as in house design teams. His product designs have ranged from innovative supermarket food packaging and consumer goods all the way through to modular buildings and structures, giving him a vast knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. Specialising in helping small businesses, start-ups and inventors has always been his passion. He is also a keen environmentalist and enjoys projects where sustainability is a key requirement. In his free time James enjoys growing his own vegetables on his allotment, travelling and practicing speaking Spanish.



Sales And Account Manager

Sarah is the Sales and Accounts Manager and has been working at Idea Reality since 2015 - she is often the first person new clients will have communication with. Her previous experience includes working for a London based Patent firm, as well as being a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry. Some of her many interests in life include spending time with family and having as much fun as possible! Sarah likes to test herself and overcome fears - two years ago she overcame her fear of heights by skydiving, an experience she describes in one word: ‘AMAZING’!



Product Designer

Alex is one of the product designers at Idea Reality. He follows the ethos of form without function is pointless, but function without form is heartless. From the day he could hold a pencil Alex has been an artist, always drawing and making: from cartoons, to detailed portraits. Alex is an amateur photographer who enjoys wildlife photography, as well as street, portrait, abstract and polaroid photography. In his own time Alex likes sci-fi films, and keeps himself busy with interests like physics, psychology, German language, guitar, running, graphic design, history and cooking.



Product Designer

Sam is one of the product designers at Idea Reality. He really enjoys problem solving not only in his career, but also in films with plot twists and murder mysteries. Sam likes the engineering development of products: making sure they can be manufactured and assembled, all whilst keeping the aesthetic and functionality. Outside of the studio, Sam is a film buff and his favourites are movies with clever plot twists - like Fight Club. He is a video game nerd - he built his own computer and proceeded to build up a couple thousand hours on games like Counterstrike Global Offensive! At school Sam preferred Maths to English - give him polynomials over poetry any day. Sam enjoys a good night out dancing to funk, with music like house and D&B coming in at close second.



Founder & Design Director

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