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Idea Reality on top

Idea Reality Product Design Crowned as Clutch 2022 Leader for 3D Modeling & Printing  Experienced, passionate, and ingenious — at Idea Reality – Product Design, we focus on helping our clients design and develop amazing products ready for market launch. Located in Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom, (but serving clients worldwide)…

Hampshire teacher re-invents the protractor

Shelley Frape who teaches at Andover’s Harrow Way School was frustrated with the traditional protractor that has not been changed for around 100 years. The children we finding it confusing and making mistakes by reading the wrong numbers or incorrectly positioning the protractor on the page. Shelley, who is interviewed…
Noti product concept design with electronic design

Interview with Noti inventor

Idea Reality interviewed Haroon James – the inventor of the Noti about his project and his experience developing a new innovative electronic product. Haroon is a digital creative professional from Leicester who had the idea for Noti whilst at university in London.   What is your product? The Noti is…
Gwen and James

Inventor Spotlight

Product: Dragéekíss TM Problem to be solved: A Pearl cake applicator to decorate cakes. Inventor: Gwen Powell and Angelique Meyer. Company: Dragéekíss Ltd   We are delighted to say that the Drageekiss (DK) is now a success having had an enormous impact in the cake industry and cake art internationally…
Nike-Adapt-BB sports product design

Wellness trends in product design for 2019

Wellness industry and consumer technology continues to expand, wellness now taking a central space in our society, as consumers want to feel better and function better. Companies looking to attract and retain employees are starting to look into healthier working environments, bringing wellness to the office and workplace. Here at…

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