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Our product design and development agency studio is located in the heart of Hampshire, UK. We have a team of experts in product design and development, who have years of experience and are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and established businesses bring their innovative invention ideas to reality.

Chartered Product Designer


Design Director

James is the founder and design director at Hampshire based product design and development agency Idea Reality Ltd, and has been designing innovative new products professionally for over 13 years. A member of the Chartered Society of Designers, he has created products for large corporate businesses as well as in house design teams. His product designs have ranged from innovative supermarket food packaging and consumer goods all the way through to modular buildings and structures, giving him a vast knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. James has won awards for his designs and helping small businesses, start-ups and inventors has always been his passion. He is also a keen environmentalist and enjoys projects where sustainability is a key requirement. In his free time James enjoys growing his own vegetables on his allotment, travelling and practising speaking Spanish.



Marketing Manager

Belle is the Marketing Manager at Idea Reality. She writes the newsletters and blog articles alongside James. She keeps in touch with present and past customers and is eager to write about their stories. She recently completed a 500h YTT in NY which gave her a new perspective in leadership skills and life. She also brings wellness to the office doing breathing and tai chi exercises to the team. In her free time she guides yoga at several locations and she loves spending time with friends, family and her little cat, and going out for walks in nature.

donna idea reality product design


Sales And Client Manager

Donna is the Sales & Client Manager and joined Idea Reality in March 2019 – she will often be the first person new clients will have communication with. She has a motivated attitude and is keen to embrace the creative designs produced by the team and help channel new business. Outside of work her interests include running (although she claims every time feels like the first!), netball and spending as much time with family & friends as possible.

Sarah Product designer


Product Designer

Sarah J is one of the product designers at Idea Reality. She has a very creative mind and this shows not only in her career, but also through playing musical instruments from a young age. Playing the flute and saxophone in many different orchestras has helped her stay motivated with a keen eye for detail. This is something she strives for in her work as well as keeping ideas innovative. In her spare time, Sarah likes to keep fit through playing netball with her co-worker Sarah. Their team recently finished third in their league! One of her recent achievements is cycling from Brighton to Paris to test her limit of endurance. She claims it was an ‘excellent experience’.

Luke product designer


Product Designer

Luke is one of the product designers at Idea Reality. He loves approaching his work with a problem solving mind-set and finds huge amounts of satisfaction in designing feasible products, paying close attention to the way they will be manufactured and assembled. 

Between 2006 and 2010 he lived out in America, and had the opportunity to spend a lot of time travelling to many of the countries landmarks, which he maintains as being one of the best experiences of his life so far.   

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family as well as cooking and enjoying good food. He is also a self-proclaimed film fanatic; finding them to be a relieving form of escapism from the world around him - he particularly enjoys sci-fi, thrillers and action movies for the suspense and adrenaline.

Idea Reality Ultimaker 3d printer


Rapid Prototype 3D Printer

Our in-house large volume Ultimaker S5 is the only team member who never sleeps. Working throughout the night to help us quickly and efficiently iterate new design ideas. Ulti helps us meet your deadlines and was recently crucial in helping a client complete their design development in time for their appearance on BBC Dragons Den.

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