March 2018

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How To Launch Your Product On Social Media

Why launch your product on social media? Well, we see it like this: you had a brilliant idea. You've gone through the design process to develop this idea into a product. We tested, refined, and perfected this product - and now it's ready to go into crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a very important stage of the process - this is when you can start telling the world your idea, and ask your loyal fans to support you by investing into your product and you brand; and help you kickstart your new business venture. One of the ways you can help tell the world you're here and your product is great is by using social media - we wanted to share our top tips on how to launch your product on social media.

  1. Pick the right social media platforms. When it comes to launching your product on social media, it's important you know where your audience and your fans live: is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn? These are the more popular social media platforms, but there are also country-specific and community-specific platforms. Do you research and find out where your ideal customer lives - then focus on those platforms.
  2. Start early. When it comes to promoting your crowdfunding campaign, you want to think about using social media as early in the process as possible - do it as soon as you can talk about your product and even before the campaign is live! This will help your campaign as you will already have an existing following to inform on launch day.
  3. Make sure your posts include a link back to your crowdfunding campaign. It sounds very basic, but we've all seen it before - a brilliant post which encourages fans to go and support your campaign - but there's no URL back to the website. Make it super easy for your fans to be able to go and fund you, and share the news!
  4. Have a clear call to action. You're on social media because you want your supporters to do something: is it to visit your website and find out more about a product? Then include a link and ask them to visit your website in order to find out more about the product. Is it to share your crowdfunding campaign with their friends? Then ask them to share the post on their feeds. Is it to support your campaign? Then ask them. Being transparent on social media with what you want your audience to do will help you achieve your goals!
  5. Keep your posts engaging. Use images of your product, how to and crowdfunding videos, behind the scenes of your journey - all of this will help your posts get noticed in social media feeds and will create shareable content.

We're here to help you not only make your product a reality, but help you launch as well - contact us on 03330 119940 or e-mail [email protected] to chat to us about your plans!





5 Tips To Help Inventors Stay Motivated

It happens to the best of us: you’re on a roll and nearly finished planning your idea when all of a sudden the motivation runs out and you’re left with countless cups of coffee staring at the computer screen at 2AM trying to make sense of your brilliant idea. We wanted to share with you 5 tips on staying motivated for inventors – whenever you feel like you’re in a slump, use this as a motivational checklist to get your creativity back and on track!

  1. Walk away from the computer or drawing board. The first thing to do is to remove yourself from the screen of your PC or put down the pencil and take a break. If you’re staying in an office, try a completely different activity or go and make everyone a cup of tea; if you can leave your office then go for a walk, grab a coffee, or even go home for the day. You can’t push creativity and sometimes all you need to make a strong comeback is just a simple break.
  2. Get inspired. Read a book, watch a film, listen to music, or visit a gallery/museum – inspiration comes from the strangest places! It’s easy to get stuck in our own minds, but by keeping up with your interests you are giving your brain new information all the time – this will help keep you motivated and creative throughout the process.
  3. Talk to someone. Catch up with friends or family and ask their opinions on your project – you may be stuck on a detail which you can’t see a solution for, but someone else will! Or maybe you just need a cheerleader in your life – someone who will tell you how brilliant your idea is and how you CAN make it happen!
  4. Get physical. Exercise is proven to boost brain performance so grab a pair of trainers or a yoga mat and indulge in your favourite physical exercise – one of our fun tips to help inventors stay motivated!
  5. Get help with your design project. It’s not easy working alone, especially if you’re struggling with a particular stage of the project. Ask for help – that’s what we’re here for. We help companies, start ups, and solopreneurs turn their idea into reality at different stages of the process – from the very beginning like brainstorming ideas, to the end when your product needs to launch. Call us on 03330 119940 or e-mail [email protected] to start the conversation!


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