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Our guide to keeping your idea secure and developing the design in the most cost effective way. From advice on the best ways of protecting and patenting your innovative ideas to help with funding and visual presentations for sales and investment meetings.

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Confidentiality & NDA's It is vital to keep your idea confidential

Avoid disclosing your product design idea publicly. Not only could others steal your idea but it could compromise your chances of patenting the idea. Controlled disclosure is necessary when developing a new product design and speaking with stakeholders so we always recommend a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) / confidentiality agreement is signed by both you and the party you wish to disclose information to. This could be a manufacturer, customer or a design company such as Idea Reality Ltd. We provide all our clients with free NDA documents so that they can communicate their ideas to us as well as outside parties.

PATENTS & DESIGN REGISTRATIONS Select the best protection for your design

Many people think that they must patent their idea immediately but this is not always the best use of money or time and sometimes not necessary at all. All product design projects are different and require different routes to achieve great results. The first thing to do is speak to a patent professional. Idea Reality can advise on the most suitable intellectual property (IP) to apply for whether a patent, design registration or nothing at all. Most ideas need some development before an IP application should be sought. There is no point patenting a half baked idea only to develop and improve it a few weeks later, rendering the initial application obsolete, and leading to increased costs.


There is no set format when it comes to product development because all invention ideas are different. However it is important to understand the process and stages ahead before you embark on the journey. This will come from discussing the idea with your project design manager. Along with understanding the process and time implications you will also want an idea of costs. As the design has not yet been fully conceived it is impossible to quote accurate costs but estimates can be given based on the type of product, size and complexity.


Begin with simply searching the internet through Google to see what else is on the market. If you come across an existing product don’t give up immediately. Consider the product against your idea and if it could be improved upon in any way. Once you have done the typical internet searches you may wish to dig deeper into existing patent applications. Again you can do a certain amount of this yourself should you wish or hand the responsibility over to professionals like us. Regardless is it always advisable to have a patent attorney carry out a search before going too far regardless of your intentions to patenting or not.

PROTOTYPE & TEST 3D Printing, Test Rigs, Rapid Tooling

A number of prototypes may be required as your design idea develops and improves. Prototypes can take different forms depending upon the stage in the design process. Rough mock-up, scale model, 3D printed prototype, fully functioning model or Final visual prototype. It would not be sensible to produce a fully functioning and realistic prototype at great expense before the basic elements such as form, style and functionality are tested. In most cases the prototype is only required to prove that the concept design is correct before proceeding to manufacture however the complexity of the design will determine the quantity and types of prototypes required

Crowdfunding, Licencing, Self fund What is your end goal

Do you plan to sell / licence the IP within the idea, manufacture the end product in order sell through distributors or even start a new business and sell it yourself? The answer to this question could determine the best route forward and considering this could save valuable time and money. Simply get in touch with us to discuss the options and find out how we can turn your idea into reality.

Cake decorating invention design


The drageekiss is an innovative cake decorating invention designed to make the application of decorative pearls (also known as dragees) an effortless joy. Idea Reality developed the design before producing a range of prototypes and a crowdfunding campaign.

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Innovative Pet Bowl Design

Hing - Dome Bowl

The Hing Dome Bowl features a tilted bowl for a more ergonomic feeding position for cats and dogs. Its modern design fits well with the established the brand name in stylish pet feeding products. The product design features a 2 part injection moulded construction with removable stainless steel bowl.

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Electronics enclosure product design

Ceepod - Wireless Living

Innovative electronics enclosure design. The Ceepod is a freedom device to enable wireless connections within the home for wire free living. World first 'stream share' device - we call it 'Visk'. World first device to offer automatic and self organizing sync all without compromising privacy and security. we even put a cease-internet button on it

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Packaging and Branding Design

EDEN Perfumes - Bottle and branding design

A new bottle and cap design for Eden Perfumes. Maximizing the impact of a simple and cost effective bottle using a bespoke rectangular cap and dynamic graphics wrap. The overall result is a visually pleasing bottle that can be subtly changed between male and female fragrances.

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Electronic Product Design

YlexSounds - Electronic Product Design

A pair of wireless in-ear headphones that function seamlessly to give you control of the audio when you can’t control the environment. Ylex Completely changes the way you listen to music! Wires break, tangle and disrupt the experience even before you have pressed play. They are old hat and it is time for something new. We lose charging cables, and can never be too far away from a power point to charge our smart phones. Ylex Is different. Using the Wireless charging dock and portable charging case, Ylex earphones are safe and constantly powered, removing the need to carry cables. YLEX is a brilliant breakthrough in lifestyle design. Created to adapt, to assist and to give you a brilliant music experience. Control your notifications, manage the audio output and receive calls on the go.

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Disruptive Design Innovation

Slip-it Bra Clip - Disruptive Design Innovation

The key features of the Slip-It® fastener are the ease of fastening and unfastening - they are simply slipped together and slipped apart. The Slip-It® fastener allows one handed unfastening even when the fastener is located behind the wearer's back. The Slip-It® lingerie fastener is a truly global product that is going to replace the old fashioned hook & eye bra fasteners the world over. The Slip-it® fastener is totally unlike other fasteners in that it has no locking mechanism, nor does it need one. The success of the design comes from the realisation that whenever a bra is worn, the main section that goes around the chest is always under tension.

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Simple Effective 3D Printed Design

Cable Clam - Simple Effective 3D Printed Design

A simple design solution to a common problem. Instead of searching for your charger cable leave it clipped into the cable clam. Have your mobile phone charger cable neatly tucked behind your furniture without the problem of it falling back behind and becoming lost. This simple yet helpful design keeps your charger neatly where you want it with its suction cup and curvy design.

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Lifestyle Product Innovation

Lip Balm Wristband - Lifestyle Design

From an idea in our client's head to a manufacturable product design. This simple idea is convenient and stylish. Imagine running on a cold winter day or skiing in the mountains. Damage from the cold and UV radiation is easily avoided. Carrying a separate lip balm container is no longer a problem. Aimed at sports enthusiasts and those who regularly use lip balm. Just flick the lid open apply with your finger. Never loose your lip balm again.

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Sports Equipment Product design

SUP Carrier - Sports Equipment design

Space saving designs for transporting a heavy Stand-up Paddleboard with style, convenience and security. Rather than a fixed axle these innovative product designs do away with convention and using compression straps and a split axle. They can be pulled along by hand or via suction cup bicycle attachment. These designs fit inside a bag and can be locked up using a bike lock.

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Innovative yet simple product design

ScooterPeg - Smart storage design

Scooterpeg is the only way to store scooters off the floor and out of the way. Using smart design and materials usage Idea Reality has helped design and develop the Scooterpeg from concept through prototyping all the way to manufacture.

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